The design concept for the Mint Credit office revolved around achieving a harmonious balance between open spaces and individual work areas. The emphasis was on functional office partitions that allowed for focused work while fostering team connectivity and engagement.

Key Features:

  1. Entrance and Reception:
    • A welcoming reception area with a sleek, branded reception desk.
    • Partitioned glass walls with frosted accents to maintain openness while establishing a sense of privacy.
  2. Open Collaborative Zones:
    • Open-plan work areas with low-height workstation partitions, promoting visibility and communication.
    • Shared desks with integrated cable management and task lighting for improved functionality.
  3. Private Workspaces:
    • Glass partitioned private offices for managers and executives, offering a balance between privacy and transparency.
    • Customized workstations and ergonomic furniture for optimal comfort and productivity.
  4. Meeting Rooms:
    • Glass-enclosed meeting rooms equipped with modern technology for seamless presentations and video conferencing.
    • Sliding glass doors for flexibility in space utilization.
  5. Breakout Areas:
    • Comfortable lounge-style breakout zones with partitioned seating for informal discussions and relaxation.
    • Thoughtful placement of acoustic panels to reduce noise and enhance privacy.
  6. Cafeteria and Pantry:
    • Cafeteria with a mix of high-top tables and cozy seating options.
    • Glass partitions with branding elements to create a distinct dining experience.

Material Palette: The design palette incorporated modern aesthetics with functional elements:

Conclusion: The Mint Credit Office at Trance Towers in South B has successfully transformed into a modern workspace that embodies both privacy and collaboration. The strategic placement of office partitions, glass walls, and breakout areas ensures a dynamic environment where employees can seamlessly transition between focused work and team interactions. The design strikes a balance between modern aesthetics and functional efficiency, allowing Mint Credit Solutions to operate in a space that aligns with their professional image while enhancing employee well-being and productivity.