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Window Films

Security /Safety/Anti-burglary window films

Appropriate Design Limited protects people and property by offering a variety of unique window films. Our unique window films not only beautifies your home or business, it also defends against burglaries, Mother Nature and bomb blasts. Wherever glass protection is required you can bet Appropriate Design Limited has a product for you.

Appropriate Design Limited markets and installs a series of incredibly strong window films that are designed to prevent glass from shattering. Our unique maintenance-free and highly scratch-resistant products improve the structural integrity of any window. In the unlikely event the window breaks, our film will help hold the broken shards together thus reducing the likelihood of window penetration and razor sharp flying glass. And when applied by an authorized technician, Appropriate Design Limited films are virtually undetectable to the human eye. Appropriate Design Limited films reduce the need for unsightly burglar bars or hurricane shutters. And unlike costly ballistic glass, Appropriate Design Limited products are guaranteed not to yellow or distort overtime.

Anti-Bomb Blast Security Window Films

Bomb-blast protection is unfortunately required in an increasing number of situations, and Appropriate Design Limited offers a comprehensive range of products to provide the best possible mitigation, including specially developed window films and attachment systems.

It’s important to be aware that no window film or attachment system can completely remove the threat posed by an explosion or bomb-blast, but by matching the correct solution for each situation the security and safety of your building will be improved dramatically.

In the event of a bomb-blast or explosion, a single square foot of glass can shatter into 200 sharp fragments, each of them potentially lethal.

An application of specialist window film will help mitigate against this. The film works by holding the glass together in the event of breakage, preventing the broken shards from separating and being propelled through the air.

Appropriate Design Limited bomb-blast film is available in a range of thicknesses and grades, with each option having been extensively tested at independent testing facilities to ensure the best possible protection against criminal damage, bomb-blast, extreme weather or explosion.

Decorative Window Films

Do you have a window that passers-by can look into from the pavement? Would you love more privacy without sacrificing the natural light or resorting to old-fashioned net curtains? Perhaps you’ve seen stylish windows with etched glass elsewhere in your street but shudder to imagine the price tag? Never fear, it could well be that those beautiful, frosted windows that let in the light but keep out prying eyes are actually standard windows that have been covered with Brume’s decorative window film, an altogether more affordable solution.

Window film provides a modern alternative to net curtains or blinds without having to replace the whole window. From a classic frosted sheet to geometric patterns, typography or themed motifs, you can transform any window in your home to give you extra privacy and security without sacrificing the natural light. We have a wide range of styles and designs for you to choose from, whether you need window films for a period property or would love a more modern statement window that complements your interior design. You can even create a stained glass window at a fraction of the cost of real stained glass. Our window films can be bought by the meter or made to measure, and for a small extra charge, we can even cut your own design into a window film or sticker, or ask our wonderful designers to turn your scribbled idea into a window film masterpiece.

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Our goal is always a functional and flexible office interior that reflects a company's business and brand. Whether the need is for general office space, boardrooms, executive offices, presentation theaters, conference rooms, or special-purpose commercial usage, Appropriate Design Limited provides expert design guidance for every business.

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