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Supply and Fit of Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great modern alternative to drapes and typical horizontal shades. Featuring slats that run top to bottom versus left to right, they provide maximum control over light and privacy, plus they’re easy to maintain.

Like their name suggests, these blinds have vertical instead of horizontal slats that swivel open and closed or can be pulled to the sides of the window. Because they’re vertical by design, they can help add height to rooms with low ceilings, plus they work well with sliding glass or patio doors and floor-to-ceiling or bay windows. As a bonus, they’re also easier to clean, since they collect less dust than horizontal blinds.

Venetian Blinds- Aluminum / Wood Venetian Blinds

Appropriate Design Limited venetian blinds are a great modern style choice which offers real versatility for window dressing in your home and workplace. Not only do Venetian blinds allow you to easily control how much natural light enters the room, they also offer the choice of privacy when all slats are closed.

Because of their easy-clean nature, metal Venetian blinds remain an extremely popular choice within all types of properties. Available in colors, materials and made to measure sizes to suit your design scheme, we offer a huge variety of Venetian blinds including metallic and wooden effect blinds, alongside more traditional plain colored slats and an impressive range of printed fabrics.

The blinds come in a full range of finishes, including perforated styles which subtly filter the light. We also offer aluminum blinds with a wooden effect. These give the soft appearance of wooden Venetian blinds with all of the benefits of the aluminum variety. They are available in a selection of natural wooden shades including Yellow Pine, Golden Oak and Cherry Wooden.

From a plain metallic blind for your office space through to a hot pink Venetian blind for your daughter’s bedroom, our selection of made to measure Venetian blinds caters for every room or environment.

Our Venetian blinds represent excellent value and are even available with our optional next day delivery, so you might just find that you can take delivery of your perfect blinds sooner than you think.

Roller Window Blinds

These are a usually stiffened polyester, mounted on a metal pole and operated with a side chain or spring mechanism. Lower cost and readymade blinds often come with a PVC pole.

The esignscope roller window blind collection provides many options for creating a decorative solution from minimal white and pastels to metallic and perforated slats as well as the sought after Designer range of upmarket printed slats. Roller window blinds remain extremely functional in terms of shading, privacy and security. They offer an affordable and flexible option for covering either very small or large windows, and are easily operated to allow different degrees of light control.

Our company uses high quality imported roller window blinds parts to provide the most precise control of heat and light available in a window covering. Versatility is the key attribute of the roller window blinds, combining simplicity with elegance. Roller window blinds complement all the moods of your home or office.

Bamboo Window Blinds

Bamboo window blinds are generally known as Venetian blinds. A number of horizontal bamboo slats are joined together by corded pulleys which can either gather all the slats at the top of the window to reveal the view or simply angle the slats while allowing some light to travel through the blind yet retaining some level of privacy. Bamboo blinds come in a number of finishes and sizes. Bamboo blinds are also available as vertical blinds. These are usually made up of wider slats and operate in virtually the same way as their horizontal counterparts (i.e. instead of being drawn upwards to reveal the window, the draw to one side gathering in a vertical bunch).

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